Coarse Hemp Shiv to combine with lime mortar to make hempcrete
Coarse Hemp Shiv to combine with lime mortar to make hempcrete
Coarse Hemp shiv is the product to use in hempcrete
Mixing Coarse Hemp Shiv with NHL 2.0 for Wall Plaster
Hemp and NHL 2.0 adding an insulating layer in a concrete block garage
Wet plaster and hemp on a cinder block garage wall.
Close up of the Coarse Hemp Shiv plaster mix. Next step the finish coat!

Coarse Hemp Shiv


perfect for hempcrete and insulating plaster.

Uses: Base Coat Plaster 

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Coarse Hemp Shiv has many environmental benefits:

  • Hemp is easily grown without the use of pesticides
  • Low amounts of energy used in the production of Hemp Shiv.
  • Large amounts of carbon dioxide are locked up in Hempcrete buildings.
  • Hempcrete is breathable, therefore controls moisture and condensation
  • Helps to keep internal humidity levels within the 40-60% range which inhibits the growth of viruses and bacteria
  • Non-flammable
  • Resistant to rodents, insects and fungi
  • Visually attractive – any shape can be formed with Hempcrete.
  • Light-weight & Recyclable
  • Sustainably produced – Fast growing, Hemp crop is grown annually.
  • Chemical Free
  • At the end of its lifespan, both lime and hemp are fully recyclable. They can be returned to simple composting and can even be used to treat clay soils in gardens or fields

Hempcrete:  Add Coarse Hemp Shiv, Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) 5.0 and our Lime Putty Mortar (see directions below) to cast in situ walls of various thicknesses and shapes.  Hempcrete is self-supporting, but not load bearing so it’s usually formed around a softwood timber frame. Hempcrete can be used in the construction of floors and roofs, adding a breathable, insulating layer.

Restoration projects: In old buildings, Hempcrete is used to replace damaged or missing infill.  When used internally Coarse Hemp Shiv adds an insulating and breathable render to stone walls.

For interior hemp/lime plaster we recommend mixing Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) 2.0 and Hemp.

Hemp comes in a 44 lb (20kg bale) and has 200L of Hemp per bale. Imported from Roundtower. 

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Hempcrete Mix

Hemp Plaster Mix


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Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 16 × 16 in


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