Installing Lime Finish Plaster

Installing custom tinted lime finish plaster over a hemp lime basecoat. The still photo before the video shows the dried finished topcoat. A big color difference! It's always a good idea to do a mock-up beforehand to be sure you have the right color.

How Much Water is in an Old Brick?

Ever wonder how much water is in your damp or wet brick wall?   This important video clearly shows how quickly water will wick up an old brick and calculates how much water each old brick can potentially hold.

How to "Knock Up" Lime Putty Mortar

This video shows how our High Calcium Lime Putty Mortar Mix needs to be "pounded" or "knocked up" before use, in order to achieve a creamy and highly workable consistency.

Is Your Mortar Turning to Sand or Failing?

What causes mortar that has been intact for hundreds of years to suddenly turn to powder or sand? This video demonstrates a case study of this very event, the cause, and the solution.

Sims Architects Inc.

 Joel Sims and his mason contacted Lancaster Lime Works in 2016 for masonry restoration on a historic brick building that Joel owns. Both Joel and his mason have gone through extensive training at Lancaster Lime Works and have used our products both on their personal and  customer's projects.

Jim and Jeannie

 contacted Lancaster Lime Works when they noticed failing bricks, moisture, and salt issues in their home. After a site visit, the cause of the damage was identified and they successfully re-pointed large sections of their own home. Thus, eliminating further damage.