All about us, at Lancaster Lime Works!

Here is a little about us! Lancaster Lime Works is a collaborative effort of the top experts in the historic masonry preservation field.  Founded in 2013, we offer results of 40 years of lab and field research into the lime mortar field. Lancaster Lime Works dedicates itself to helping our customers understand the proper materials and techniques for their masonry needs. . Our experience in the construction of old buildings makes us more than a sales force selling lime mortar. With a thorough understanding of our products we provide you with the right product for your unique project!


Our Natural Lime Products are from High-Calcium Lime Putty.

Lancaster Lime Works is committed to saving old buildings one brick at a time, and it starts with the proper mortar. Poor maintenance and incorrect materials often result in the loss of historic structures. Using cheap incompatible Portland mortar in buildings built with lime mortar will cause them to prematurely decay.

Did you know Lime Mortar dissolves when it stays wet or damp? Portland mortar, commonly in use today, traps moisture in the wall and destroys our beloved buildings.

After decades of  historic restoration and research, we’ve developed a Lime Mortar which won’t destroy historic brick or stone. Our lime mortar (which is closest to the original historic mortar) provides a long lasting, breathable, and flexible solution. For the sake of preserving your historic building, please take full advantage of the easy-to-read, authoritative, and factual education.

We offer solutions for present day needs in masonry preservation and building restoration. We are available to homeowners, tradesman, architects, and engineers.  Lancaster Lime Works has the answers for tough masonry questions, from cleaning, to custom mortar matches. Our products range from NHL's to Natural Lime Putty Mortars and Plasters, to high end specialty Venetian plasters.  Our relationship with Secil Lime, located in Portugal, with centuries old buildings, brings European knowledge right here to the U.S.A.  Please ask any questions about us!