Ecocork Lime Plaster


a naturally sustainable lime plaster made with cork aggregate and NHL. 


Ecocork Lime Plaster by SecilTek is a sustainable thermal option for plasters. Made with renewable Portuguese cork aggregates that offer thermal, fire, and acoustic protection. A lightweight insulating lime cork plaster for both interior and exterior application. R value is approximately 1.6 per inch. Just add water to a workable consistency.  No sourcing extra materials! Designed to have a topcoat applied such as our H-1 Binder with Fine Marble Dust, Lime Putty Finish Plaster, or any 100% natural lime plaster. All lime topcoats/finish plasters can be colored with any of our pigments. No painting!  Ecocork Lime Plaster fits into a new level of sustainable construction projects!


  • Insulating
  • Light Weight
  • Made from NHL
  • Sustainable
  • Water vapor permeable 
  • Salt resistant 

Apply over masonry such as brick, stone, cinderblock, or hemp block.

Bag size is 14 kg or approx. 31 pounds. Larger quantities may require a lead time. Full pallets are 66 bags. Pallet quantity discounts are available. 

Installation Instructions




Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 4 in


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