Lime Putty Plaster Finish Coat


can be kept it’s natural color or it can be pigmented. No need to source other materials, this comes premixed! 

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Lancaster Lime Works Lime Putty Plaster Finish Coat is made with our high quality lime putty mortar and fine sand. It’s 100% natural with no chemicals, bonding agents, or latex. It has high plasticity and superior work ability. Our lime putty plasters help control the humidity of interior environments and resist mold and mildew. Designed to replace historic lime-sand finish plasters.

Preparation of the plaster and the substrate after installation, are just as important as correct application techniques. Our Lime Putty Plaster Finish Coat comes premixed with sand. You don’t need to source any other materials! This product is beautiful naturally. It comes un-pigmented.  Historically, the color of the sand gives plasters their color.  You can pigment the plaster and forgo any further coatings.

To use, pour off the excess water. Next, using a Beater Attachment on a heavy duty angle drill, rigorously mix the plaster for approximately five minutes.  Our lime putty plasters require exposure to carbon dioxide in the presence of moisture to harden. Do not use in temperatures below 40° F. To avoid failure protect from direct intense sunlight and hard precipitation. To store Lime Putty Plaster Finish Coat keep in the original bucket with 2 inches of water on the top, ideally in the basement.

All ingredients sourced and made in the USA!

Contact us for specific custom mixes!

Pallets are available. A pallet consists of 24 buckets: pallet weight excluding the pallet 1,920 pounds. 

If you have 2-3 weeks before you need your order, we can put the freight order out to bid. This option can offer significant freight savings.  Allow 2-3 weeks for transit time. Please call to discuss. 

Lime Putty Base & Finish Coat Installation Guide

Safety Data Sheet

Lime Putty Plaster Finish Coat Tech Sheet

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