Plaster Magic Painter’s Pack


is a medium size repair kit for plaster crack repairs. 


Plaster Magic Painter’s Pack is a medium size repair kit for plaster crack repairs. This pack repairs approximately 18 linear feet of cracks or 60 ft² of loose plaster.

Each Painters Pack contains:

  • 6 cartridges (10 oz) of Plaster Magic® Adhesive
  • 1 spray bottle (32 oz) of Plaster Magic® Conditioner
  • 25 plastic clamps and screws
  • 1 10cc plastic syringe
  • 1 pair of disposable gloves

The Plaster Magic Painter’s Pack, adhesive repair system was designed specifically to reattach plaster to wood lath and masonry substrates (like brick, terracotta or concrete block).  It will not work on plaster applied to rock lath, wire lath, veneer plaster on blueboard, or drywall.

Please keep in mind – houses continue to shift over time.
Our product does not prevent new cracks from appearing. Cracks that were repaired with Plaster Magic® will not re-open. New cracks may appear if adverse conditions continue to exist (such as plumbing leaks, roof leaks, and grading and drainage issues at the foundation).

How much space is between the plaster and lath?

Straighten the long leg of a large paperclip out, then bend the tip into a 1/8” “L”. Drill a hole through the plaster until it hits the wood lath. (You may feel the drill jump a little bit if there is space between the plaster and lath.)

Stick the bent end of the paperclip into the hole until it hits the lath. Then, using a marker, make a mark on the paperclip, where the plaster surface meets the paperclip. Next pull the paperclip out of the hole until the “L” catches on the back side of the plaster. Make another mark where the plaster surface meets the paperclip.

The distance between those two marks is how far the plaster is from the lath.


We guarantee positive results if used as directed. We are not responsible for a failed repair due to user error. Remove ALL loose debris from between the plaster and lath before applying the conditioner and adhesive. Broken plaster keys left between the plaster and lath will not allow the plaster to be pulled back into contact with the lath and to allow a new bond to be reestablished.  Remove ALL debris prior to your repair to be successful.


Made in USA! 


Plaster Magic Repair Kit Instructions

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 12 in


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