Plaster Magic

is a perfect for large sections of loose plaster that need to be reattached. Plaster keys can loosen over time for a variety of reasons. Earthquakes, new traffic patterns creating vibrations, and years of children running through the house can loosen the keys. We recommend adhering loose plaster back to the lath rather than tearing all the loose plaster out and replacing it.  It is less time consuming, makes less of a mess, is less wasteful, and costs less to repair loose plaster. Plaster Magic is quick and clean and makes a strong bond. Naturally, if your plaster has loosened and/or cracked due to an underlying structural issue, Plaster Magic is not the solution. 

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  • NEW!
    Plaster Magic Homeowner's Pack

    Plaster Magic Homeowner’s Pack

    Plaster Magic Homeowner’s Pack is a smaller repair kit for most small plaster crack repairs. This pack repairs approximately 9 linear feet of cracks or 30 ft² of loose plaster.

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    Plaster Magic Painter’s Pack

    Plaster Magic Painter’s Pack is a medium size repair kit for plaster crack repairs. 

  • NEW!

    Plaster Magic Contractor’s Pack

    Plaster Magic Contractor’s Pack is perfect for the contractor or DIY’s larger repair project. 

  • NEW!

    Single Adhesive Cartridge

    Plaster Magic’s Single Adhesive cartridge is perfect when you need just a little extra material. Use in combination with the conditioner.

  • NEW!
    Contractor's Patching Plaster

    Contractor’s Patching Plaster

    Plaster Magic’s Contractor’s Patching Plaster is a good solution when you have small plaster repairs. It is specially formulated for fixing old horse hair plaster on wood lath.