Meet The Team

Jon Owens






I owned a historic preservation construction firm for 33 years specializing in historic masonry, slate and tile roofing, and mill work. My portfolio consisted of residential and commercial projects. I've worked on such projects as the Cunningham House (1796) Gettysburg, PA, Christ Lutheran Church (1835) Gettysburg, PA, The Blair House (Washington D.C.), The Federal Trade Building (Washington, D.C.), The Potomac Annex (Washington, D.C.), and many many others. I know the products to repair historic buildings and also how to install them. I brought my field knowledge to Lancaster Lime Works in 2012. In 2020, through much research and development I designed and manufactured the H-1 Binder. A binder initially designed for hemp, but can be used to make mortar, limewash, and plaster. My passion is the preservation of historic structures and renewable, sustainable, healthy building materials. My commitment to Lancaster Lime Works is 100% natural products, and unmatched customer service. I can help with the repair of the most challenging historic buildings.

Richard Barrow

Master Plaster Instructor


Richard Barrow is English and started his career in the United Kingdom some 35 yrs ago. I have worked on Historic Buildings in 30 Countries and have expertise in all the disciplines of historic building construction. Over the past 30 yrs we have developed a team of highly skilled and qualified people. We believe that using like for like materials are good for the building and the environment. My company Global Heritage Group has a group of Artisans, Craftspeople and professionals who are passionate experts and enthusiastic about the vocation they have chosen. Our portfolio includes such projects as Windsor Castle, UK, Boston College, St. Mary’s Hall, Boston, US, The US Capitol Building, Washington DC, US, The White House, Washington DC, US, Buckingham Palace, London, UK, Uppark House, West Sussex, UK and many others.

For us this is not just a job….

Kari Eshleman

Operations Manager


I oversee the day to day operations at Lancaster Lime Works. I enjoy logistics and finding our customers the best shipping options to suit their needs. I am who you'll talk to for freight quotes and ordering. I love old buildings and the history that lies within their walls.

Deleno Bermudez

Warehouse Associate

is a responsible, hardworking, and conscientious team member at Lancaster Lime Works. He's always ready to lend a helping hand where ever he is needed.