Bentonite Powder


a simple and cost effective way to protect your basement from water infiltration. Keep your basement dry! 


Bentonite Powder is naturally occurring clay that in the presence of fresh water will swell up to fifteen times its size. Historically, clays have been used to provide natural earthen seals without the use of tars, polymers, plastics and environmentally unfriendly materials. Bentonite Powder will provide a better barrier to the penetration of fresh water through soil. Protect your basement foundation without trapping moisture underground!  A dry basement is imperative if the house was built using lime mortar. Lime dissolves when it stays consistently wet. 

Mix Bentonite Powder into 4 -6 inches of soil around the outer 6-8′ out from the foundation. Cover with topsoil to grow grass. Ensure you have a positive slope away from the house. Adding a Bentonite apron around your foundation will not trap moisture underground like concrete will. We do not recommend using concrete, macadam, impervious materials, etc. around a foundation. Bentonite Powder will allow moisture to escape instead of forcing it into the foundation. It will quickly expel water during precipitation events. 

Use to seal underground structures such as spring houses, underground houses, vaults, wine cellars, cold storage, basements etc.

If excavating, add Bentonite Powder when back filling.

Create a natural and very effective pond sealer when applied in the correct ratios. 


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Sourced in the USA 

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