Coarse Hemp Shiv


perfect for hempcrete and insulating plaster. Uses: Base Coat Plaster, Hempcrete, Etc.

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Coarse Hemp Shiv

  • is easily grown without the use of pesticides & chemicals
  • uses low amounts of energy in the production of hemp
  • breathable, controls moisture and condensation, non-flammable 
  • inhibits growth of viruses and bacteria
  • resistant to rodents, insects and fungi
  • visually attractive – form any shape with hempcrete
  • light-weight & recyclable
  • large amounts of carbon dioxide are locked up in Hempcrete buildings


Our Coarse Hemp Shiv has a wide variety of stem sizes along with fiber etc. This variety of particles will provide for a stronger, better, interlocking hempcrete. Mix Coarse Hemp Shiv, with either NHL 5.0, Lime Putty Mortar or our H-1 Binder (see directions below) to cast in situ walls of various thicknesses and shapes. Hempcrete is self supporting, but not load bearing so it’s usually formed around a timber frame structure. Use Hempcrete to construct floors and roofs, adding a breathable, insulating layer. 

Restoration Projects:

In old buildings, hempcrete is used to replace damaged or missing infill. When used internally Coarse Hemp Shiv adds an insulating and breathable render to stone walls. For interior hemp/lime plaster we recommend mixing NHL 2.0 and Hemp. 

Hemp comes in a 33 pound bag. 

Certified Organic 

Special Pallet pricing is available. A full pallet is 14 bags. 

Installation Instructions using H-1 Binder

Hempcrete Mix Using NHL

Hemp Plaster Mix Using NHL 2.0 and Lime Putty Mortar


Additional information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 16 × 16 in


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