Heavy Duty Cleaner


Specially formulated to clean and remove severe carbon staining, dirt, and grime. Use on brick, brownstone, concrete, limestone, marble, and unpolished granite. 


Cathedral Stone’s Heavy Duty Cleaner is a safe gel based formula that clings well to vertical surfaces.  Specially formulated for the removal of severe black carbon, staining, dirt, and grime. The Heavy Duty Cleaner works best on brownstone, brick, concrete, sandstone, and unpolished granite. Easily apply with a brush, roller or sprayer to a Surface Saturated Dry (SSD) substrate. Dwell times range from 5 to 45 minutes. Never allow to dry on the substrate! If product begins to dry, mist the substrate with water in a way that adds moisture but doesn’t wash the cleaner off. Environmental and user friendly! No VOCs! Ready to use! 

Always prepare a mock-up. Label mock-up dwell times so you know the effective cleaning time of the substrate. Protect areas with plastic where cleaner may travel. The Heavy Duty Cleaner will harm most aluminum and some glass surfaces. Protection is required! Cover plants! 

Simply rise off! For best results use a pressure washer on a light setting to completely rinse off. 

A 5 Gallon Bucket typically covers 80-120 ft² on rough surfaces. A smooth nonporous surface offers coverage between 350-400 ft² per 5 gallon. 

Read and follow all manufacturer’s Instructions

Do not allow product to freeze. Do not use in freezing temperatures. We cannot ship this in freezing temperatures. 

Made in the USA! 

Pallets are available. 

Freight Orders: If you have 1-2 weeks before you need your order, we can put the order out to bid. This option can offer significant freight savings.  Allow 1 week for transit time. Please call to discuss. 

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12 Ounces, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallons


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