is a natural clay that when mixed with Lime Putty Mortar makes it hydraulic. Add pozzolan to mortar in areas of high exposure ie: chimneys and below grade applications.

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Pozzolan is a material that enables lime putty mortars to set more rapidly, adding durability and making them hydraulic. This is a natural clay which becomes reactive when mixed with Lime Putty Mortar.  To ensure maximum effect, thoroughly mix into the mortar. You would usually need approximately 1 part of pozzolan for every 5 parts of  pre-mixed Lime Mortar (by volume). Which is 3 lbs (1 Gallon)  per five gallon bucket of lime putty mortar. Adding the pozzolan must be done just prior to use as the mortar will start to set once added.  Less can be added for less of a hydraulic set.

It is important to keep in mind that lime dissolves when it is kept wet or damp.  Pozzolan will help keep the lime putty mortar from dissolving from moisture but all masonry must be kept as dry as possible for it to last.   Examples of where it might be used within a lime putty mortar include: underground applications, chimneys and exposed masonry joints.

The chart below can be used as a guide.

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Pozzolan Chart


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1 Gallon, 3 1/2 gallon bucket, 5 Gallons


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