Lime Putty Mortar

Traditional natural lime putty mortar is a carbonating/drying type of mortar. Of all of the historic mortars available it is the softest, most flexible and breathable. Ideal use is for old soft bricks, soft stones, stuccoes, and plasters. Most structures built prior to 1900 use this mortar.

Historically, the term “fat lime” refers to a mortars work-ability.  What makes a “fat lime” is the high calcium content. Our natural lime mortar utilizes “fat lime” having a 98.4% calcium content. Unbeatable in historic mortars!

This mortar is easily customizable using different sands and pigments for a variety of joint sizes, stuccoes, and plasters.  The sand, installation, and curing requires attention to detail. Lancaster Lime Works natural lime putty mortar is premixed with sand. No need to source materials! Rigorously mix before installation!

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  • Lime Putty Mortar when thoroughly mixed, will stick off your slicker up to 2Natural Wheat Lime Mortar Mix

    Natural Wheat Lime Mortar Mix

    Our lime mortar mix is premixed with sand and ready to use on any restoration, construction, or masonry project.  Made with the perfect blend of silica sand. 

  • 5 Gal White Lime Mortar MixWhite Lime Mortar Mix with a Smooth Finish

    White Lime Mortar Mix

    use to repoint standard size brick joints. Contains no pigments, the white is derived from the sand color.

  • Washburn Brown Lime Mortar MixWashburn Brown Lime Mortar

    Washburn Brown Lime Mortar Mix

    is premixed with sand, pigments and black slag to compliment your brick or stone building!

  • German Gray Lime Mortar MixGerman Gray Lime Mortar Mix Puck

    German Gray Lime Mortar Mix

    is premixed with pigments, sand and is ready to use on any restoration, construction or masonry project. 

  • Bowman Red Lime Putty MortarRough Side of Bowman Red Lime Putty Mortar

    Bowman Red Lime Mortar Mix

    Premixed with the perfect blend of silica sand and pigments. Ready to use right out of the bucket! 

  • 5 Gallon Lime Putty Mortar Mix Seconds

    Lime Mortar Mix SECONDS

    Local Pick-Up Only! Pallets of 18-24 can be shipped via freight

    is premixed with sand and ready to use. Lime Mortar Mix SECONDS, may be pigmented or contain nonmatching aggregate. There is no matching color guarantee. Great for a cost conscious project! 

  • Beater Attachment

    Perfect Beater Attachment for thoroughly mixing lime products. Attach to your heavy duty angle drill and mix right in the bucket! 

  • Syringe Kit for Re-pointing fully assembled - use this to re-point butter joints!Two syringes and 1 Tip ready for your fine joint re-pointing project