Bowman Red Lime Mortar Mix


Premixed with the perfect blend of silica sand and pigments. Ready to use right out of the bucket! 


Our premixed, pigmented, non-hydraulic Bowman Red Lime Mortar Mix for Bedding and Re-pointing is in a five gallon bucket, and is ready to use.

  • Stand-alone sand binder strong enough for weight-bearing masonry structure
  • The sand is a perfect blend of carefully graded, interlocking, sharp silica sand
  • Easy work-ability with high plasticity (sticky). Up to 1 1/2″ of mortar will adhere to your slicker.
  • Just the right amount of our lime putty to fill the void space in the sand.
  • The lime binder is 98% calcium
  • Cures/carbonates quickly and thoroughly with low shrinkage
  • Water shedding with the correct joint finish
  • Water releasing
  • Highly permeable
  • Self-repairing
  • Cushions and flexes with normal building movements
  • Each bucket weighs approximately 85 lbs and will last in the bucket indefinitely.
  • The mortar is freeze/thaw stable, however if the bucket of lime mortar freezes, the bucket could crack

Our Bowman Red Lime Mortar Mix in a 5 gallon bucket will re-point approximately 65 square feet for a 3/8″ wide mortar joint at 3/4″ deep.

Begin by removing the water on the top and save that water to put back on the top if the mortar is not all used at that time.  We recommend using a  beater attachment to “knock up” (mix rigorously for 5 minutes) the mortar before using. Bowman Red Lime Mortar Mix can be installed using a bag. The addition of water will add mass to the mortar and it will tend to develop shrinkage cracks. Compress the cracks together as the water leaves the mortar.  Prior to repointing, fully saturate the substrate and mist it twice a day for three days.  To avoid failure, do not re-point in temperatures below 40°F.

A note about color:  A slicked joint verses a weathered joint may appear to be two different colors. Shadowing, joint recession, finishing techniques etc. will affect color perception.

All ingredients sourced and made in the USA!

Please follow all safety warnings and installation instructions!

Pallets are available. A pallet consists of 24 buckets: pallet weight excluding the pallet 1,920 pounds. 

Please call or text to discuss freight options. The website does not calculate freight. 

Installation Guide

Safety Data Sheet

For Specifiers (manufacturer’s specs)

Mortar Tech Sheet


Additional information

Weight 86 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 in


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