Tadelakt Palm Stone


Tadelakt palm stones help to relieve wrist fatigue when finishing Tadelakt. Most stones have two sides to finish with. 


We’ve gotten requests for Tadelakt Palm Stones and here they are! It’s nice to have several types of stone sizes available when finishing Tadelakt. Wrist fatigue can occur when gripping a stone. A palm stone still provides the necessary compression for finishing Tadelakt, but through the palm, verses the wrist.

Which is the best stone for you? This is entirely personal preference. Those that have problems with carpel tunnel will appreciate the palm stone.

If you have a lot of Tadelakt to finish, we suggest both the Tadelakt Stone and a Palm Stone. Tadelakt is finished with a stone verses a trowel. Most trowels are too large and proper compression is not achieved. Trowels also leave burnish marks, impairing the surface. Traditional Tadelakt is finished with a stone. 

We cut and finish all the Tadelakt stones we sell. Measurements are approximate, and can vary slightly. 

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