Tadelakt, an ancient Moroccan Plaster, is a natural and healthy option for showers, back splashes, and high humidity areas. Tadelakt is a term that describes an installation process and does not necessarily refer to the exact ingredients of the material. A Tadelakt finish is achieved when black soap reacts with the high pH lime and creates an all natural wax. Our premixed Lime Putty Plaster makes a perfect Tadelakt when installation instructions are followed. Our lime putty plaster contains no chemical additives such as methyl cellulose, latex or other modern glues. 100% natural lime plaster and Tadelakt need three things to adhere:

 Solid Surface

 Porous/permeable surface

 A textured surface

For more details see our blog on A Little About Traditional Tadelakt – Lancaster Lime Works

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  • Customer Submitted Photo of Tadelakt Shower WallTadelakt Shower Room


    is a timeless decorative plaster, ideal for wet environments that is both water and mold resistant. 

  • Carnauba Wax

    Carnauba Wax

    mix with Black soap to give Tadelakts a water resistant finish.

  • Use this Black Soap to seal and clean your Tadelakt!Just a few Tablespoons of Black Soap goes a long way in cleaning and sealing Tadelakt

    Black Soap

    is a protection for Tadelakts and has a variety of other uses!

  • Tadelakt Pebble/Stone

    Tadelakt Polishing Pebble/Stone

    Perfect stone for polishing Tadelakt!

  • Tadelakt Palm Stone

    Tadelakt Palm Stone

    Tadelakt palm stones help to relieve wrist fatigue when finishing Tadelakt. Most stones have two sides to finish with. 

  • 55 oz Hand Held Sprayer

    Hand Held Sprayer

    has a fully adjustable brass tip nozzle and a 55 ounce durable plastic tank. Easy pump to pressurize the tank.

  • Foam Float

    Foam Float

    Wet and use this lightweight sponge float to finish topcoat plasters.

  • Red Rubber FloatUnderside of Red Rubber Float

    Red Rubber Float

    Use to finish Lime Putty Plaster Finish Coats. Keep the float wet during the finishing and compress and smooth the topcoat.

  • Professional Finish Trowel size 1212

    Professional Finish Trowel

    is the most popular for finishing lime topcoats. 

  • Side by Side of Square End Golden Stainless Steel Finish Trowel

    Square End Golden Stainless Steel Finishing Trowel

    is made from the industry’s highest quality rust free, golden stainless steel. Professional Grade. 

  • Golden Steel Pool Trowels

    Golden Stainless Steel Pool Trowel

    is made from the industry’s highest quality rust free, golden stainless steel!

  • Red Wood FloatRed Wood Float

    Wood Float

    Use to compress Lime Putty and NHL Plaster/Stuccoes.