Antique White Limewash


apply over lime stucco, plaster, stone, and brick. 


Lancaster Lime Works Antique White Limewash is ready to use, and offers excellent breath-ability for interior/exterior brick, stucco, and masonry basement walls. Perfect for interior exposed brick without toxic out gassing!  Add Casein for more durability. When dried, limewash has a natural matte finish that won’t won’t peel. 

Antique White Limewash has a very high PH which greatly reduces the existence of viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus and moss.

Coverage for both spray and brushing applications will be approx. 150 – 200 square feet per gallon. Number of coats needed will depend on the surface, however at least three coats is typical. We recommend using this Beater Attachment to thoroughly mix the limewash throughout application.

Made in the USA!

*Proper surface prep is key!*  We recommend completely removing all old paint prior to limewashing.  Use Cathedral Stone’s Heavy Duty Paint Remover on historic buildings covered with unsightly peeling paint. Do not use any paint strippers with acid due to the chemical reaction that occurs in homes built with lime mortar. Acid when it comes in contact with lime makes salt. Salt is an enemy to any masonry structure! 

Limewash is the consistency of milk because if it is any thicker, it will crack and craze. Several coats will be needed if you’re looking for complete coverage.

Read the installation guide below and contact us with questions.

Limewash Installation Guide

Safety Data Sheet

Lime Wash Tech Sheet 


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