Coatings are an important consideration for historic buildings where breathability is of utmost importance. Our limewash for historic building restoration is excellent for application over stucco, brick, and stone. When you buy limewash, you’ll notice that it forms a strong bond with very porous and soft masonry surfaces such as lime stucco and soft bricks. This provides longevity and protection to the masonry work for years to come. Limewash reduces the absorption of water and allows for the rapid escape of moisture with superior workability. Limewash is a wash, which denotes it is thin bodied and not thick bodied like paint.

Liquid Silicate consolidates the surface and acts as a water repellent on masonry. Reduce and stop interior brick exfoliation by applying clear Liquid Silicate. Apply to the exterior to aid in water repelling. Does not peel like paint, and is clear. Extremely permeable!

For more information regarding our products and which one you should purchase for your restoration project, contact us today, and a member of the Lancaster Lime Works team will be happy to help. Buy limewash online to apply over plaster, stucco, brick, and stone today.

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