Beater Attachment


Attach to your heavy duty angle drill and mix right in the bucket! 


This Beater Attachment attaches to a heavy duty angle drill.  We use this beater for “knocking-up” our Lime Mortar and Limewash before use.

We can’t say enough about what a time saver this attachment is. Hand mixing a bucket of our Lime Mortar is more than a work-out. Save that energy for the project! This attachment will rigorously mix a 5 gallon bucket of Lancaster Lime Work’s Lime Putty Mortar or Plaster Basecoat / Finish Coat in 5 minutes. First put a tarp down, then the bucket on top of the tarp, if mortar escapes the bucket, it can easily be picked up and reused. As always, safety glasses, and protective gloves and clothing when working with lime products are a must!

Clean and dry after use and this beater attachment will last you many many years.

Requires a heavy duty 1/2″ drill for proper mixing at low speed .

Fits standard 1/2 ” drill chucks.

Length 30 inches with a 5 inch blade.

Additional information

Weight 1.89 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 4 × 4 in


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