Syringe Kit for Re-Pointing


use for those super thin joints! Use only in conjunction with Fine Sand Mortar.

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This Syringe Kit for Re-Pointing makes re-pointing those thin joints (generally found on the façade of historic buildings) easy! Generally re-pointing using a syringe is “clean”, meaning that mortar isn’t smeared on the brick faces. We recommend on facades that have been sand blasted, to mask around the joints due to mortar adhering to the brick faces. This kit comes with two syringes and one tip. Crimp the end of the tip to your joint profile.  We recommend using this syringe kit only with Fine Sand Lime Mortar. The aggregate in the other mortars is too large for the syringe. One kit contains two syringes and 1 tip. After use, clean syringe and apply Vaseline to rubber parts. The Syringe Kit for Re-Pointing is a time saver and reduces aggravation in trying to use standard brick slickers that are too large for the joints.

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