Fine Sand Butter Joint Lime Putty Mortar is a must for these thin joints!
Fine Sand Butter Joint Lime Putty Mortar is a must for these thin joints!
Fine Sand Lime Mortar repointing a butter joint with a syringe kit

Fine Sand Lime Mortar


Premixed – ready to use. Use for: Small and narrow joints in brick and stone.

 A very fine sand mortar for use in small butter joints. Un-pigmented, dries white.


Our Fine Sand Lime Mortar is a must for re-pointing thin brick joints typically found on the facade of historic buildings. This mortar is for re-pointing those small joints without having to widen the joints! Using this mortar in conjunction with our Syringe Kit for Re-Pointing Kit (pictured) makes for a very neat job.  Our Fine Sand Lime Mortar has all the same qualities of our Lime Putty Mortar, with much finer sand.  We recommend using our  beater to “knock up” (mix)  before using. It is not unusual for the original mortar found in butter joints to be pigmented gray/black or red, our Pigments can be used to color match. This mortar will dry white. 

To avoid failure, do not re-point in temperatures below 40°F. 

All ingredients sourced and made in the USA!

Please follow all safety warnings and installation instructions!

Pallets are available. A pallet consists of 24 buckets: pallet weight excluding the pallet 1,920 pounds. 

If you have 1-2 weeks before you need your order, we can put the freight order out to bid. This option can offer significant freight savings.  Allow 1 week for transit time. Please call to discuss. 

Installation Guidelines

Safety Data Sheet

Tech Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight 83 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 in


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