Lime Mortar

Lime mortar for historic masonry repairs and preservation

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  • NEW!
    Bowman Red Lime Putty MortarRough Side of Bowman Red Lime Putty Mortar

    Bowman Red Lime Mortar Mix

    is premixed with pigments, and sand and is ready to use on any restoration, construction, or masonry project.  Made with the perfect blend of silica sand. Order your lime mortar mix from Lancaster Lime Works today.

  • 5 Gallon Lime Putty Mortar Mix Seconds

    Lime Mortar Mix SECONDS

    is premixed with sand and ready to use. Lime Mortar Mix SECONDS, may be pigmented or contain nonmatching aggregate. There is no matching color guarantee. Great for a cost conscious project! 

  • Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) 5.0 is the hardest of the NHL's.

    Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) 5.0

    is the most durable of the NHL’s, we recommend this for wet and damp locations that have full exposure to the weather, skyward facing joints, and hard brick and stone. This is used as limecrete and hempcrete binder.