Use this Black Soap to seal and clean your Tadelakt!
Use this Black Soap to seal and clean your Tadelakt!
Just a few Tablespoons of Black Soap goes a long way in cleaning and sealing Tadelakt

Black Soap


is a protection forTadelakts and Marmorinos.

Product is sold by volume not by weight.


Black Soap protects Tadelakts and Marmorinos when mixed with Carnauba Wax. Use for cleaning different surfaces (tiles for example).  This natural plant product is made from olive oil and olive paste. Moroccan Black soap is a spectacular, multi use product, that is superb for your skin. It has a high vitamin E content that revitalizes skin, acting against dryness, dehydration and aging. 

This is a vital ingredient in the art of fine lime plaster finishes and particularly the traditional plaster originating form Morocco: Tadelakt. During polishing, the “fat” penetrates the plaster, creating a second “skin” that naturally fuses with the lime. The chemistry leads to a permanent waterproof, shiny surface.

Use Carnauba Wax and Black soap for the “Savonite” protective finish on Tadelakt.  The instructions for making “savonite” are:

  1. 4  C. water
  2. 1 heaping Tablespoon Carnauba Wax flakes
  3. 3 Tablespoons Black Soap
  4. Mix the soap and water. Bring to a boil. Add Carnauba Wax flakes

Tech Data Sheet

 Product sold by weight

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2.5 in

16 Ounces, 8 ounce


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