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    2 Day Training Class

    Come join us for a 2 Day Training in learning how to use Traditional Carbonating Lime! We hope to see you there!

  • Lime Plaster Finish TopcoatLime Plaster Finish Topcoat

    Lime Putty Plaster Finish Coat

    can be kept it’s natural color or it can be pigmented. No need to source other materials, this comes premixed! 

    Order Today! 

  • Use this Black Soap to seal and clean your Tadelakt!Just a few Tablespoons of Black Soap goes a long way in cleaning and sealing Tadelakt

    Black Soap

    is a protection for Tadelaktsand has a variety of other uses!

  • Polypropylene Fibers ready to add to your plaster mix!Lime Plaster Basecoat with Polypropylene Fibers
  • Natural Hydraulic Lime 2.0 the answer for historic mortar needs!NHL 2.0

    Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) 2.0

    is typically used for interior/exterior plastering, stucco, and re-pointing older soft bricks.  We recommend using this grade of NHL for a softer mortar project, including soft brickwork, sandstone, and more.

  • NEW!
    Plaster Scarifier

    Plaster Scarifier

    if you have a lot of plaster work, this tool is a must!