Coarse Marble Dust


Add to NHL’s,Lime Putty or use as an ingredient in specialty mortars and plasters. Brilliant White!


Coarse Marble Dust has a bit more texture and shimmer than the Fine Marble Dust.

Add Coarse Marble Dust to NHL‘s, Lime Putty, or use as an ingredient in specialty mortars and plasters etc. This marble dust works great for pool plaster too!

Color: Brilliant White    *Note, this does have small flecks of gray or black marble but is considered brilliant white

Sieve Analysis -Coarse Marble Dust


Marble Dust or powder may irritate eyes and skin. If ingested may cause temporary irritation of the throat, stomach and gastrointestinal tract. WEAR A MASK WHEN WORKING WITH THIS PRODUCT! Do not breathe the dust.  Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

Call or Text for Pallet quantities. 

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2 Pounds, 80 Pound Bag, 1 Gallon


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