Lime Plaster & Stucco

At Lancaster Lime Works, we offer traditional lime plaster/stucco and NHL plaster/stucco, to be used in the restoration of masonry work on brick, and stone. Our lime stucco’s are a popular cladding choice for strawbale homes as well. We also offer specialty Venetien/Marmorino and Tadelakt Plasters for those specific jobs. We understand that some jobs are even more specific than that, so we offer custom mixes. Many of these plasters and stuccos come premixed. You just have to add water! Plasters are less susceptible to mold, mildew, and algae, so your interior will stay fresh. If you have any questions about our lime plaster or stucco, please contact us. Order your lime plaster, stucco, and NHL plaster or stucco today!

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