Lime Plaster & Stucco

At Lancaster Lime Works, we offer traditional lime plaster, stucco and NHL, to be used in the restoration of masonry work on brick, stone, and lathe. Our lime stucco’s are a popular cladding choice for strawbale homes as well.  We understand that some jobs are even more specific than that, so we offer custom mixes. Many of these plasters and stuccos come premixed. Just add water! Plasters are less susceptible to mold, mildew, and algae, so your interior and exterior will stay fresh.  Order your lime plaster or stucco today!

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  • Ecocork Lime PlasterEcoCork Lime Plaster mixed to a creamy consistency

    Ecocork Lime Plaster

    a naturally sustainable lime plaster made with cork aggregate and NHL. Apply to porous masonry substrates. Adds an R Value, fire resistance, and acoustic protection!

  • Tadelakt is fun and easy to use!Tadelakt is water resistant, perfect for showers and kitchens!


    is a timeless decorative plaster, ideal for wet environments that is both water and mold resistant. 

  • Lime Plaster Finish TopcoatLime Plaster Finish Topcoat

    Lime Putty Plaster Finish Coat

    can be kept it’s natural color or it can be pigmented. No need to source other materials, this comes premixed! 

    Order Today! 

  • Carnauba Wax

    Carnauba Wax

    mix with Black soap to give Tadelakts a water resistant finish.

  • Use this Black Soap to seal and clean your Tadelakt!Just a few Tablespoons of Black Soap goes a long way in cleaning and sealing Tadelakt

    Black Soap

    is a protection for Tadelaktsand has a variety of other uses!

  • Tadelakt Pebble/Stone

    Tadelakt Polishing Pebble/Stone

    Perfect stone for polishing Tadelakt!

  • Lime Plaster Basecoat with Polypropylene Fibers

    Lime Putty Plaster / Stucco Basecoat

    is an easy to use, premixed plaster with no need to source extra materials!  Plasters are less susceptible to molds, mildews and algae. Keeps interiors fresh!

  • H-1 BinderH-1 Binder to make a hemp block

    H-1 Binder

    Mix H-1 Binder with Hemp Hurd to make Hemp Blocks and Hemp Shuttering. Use the H-1 Binder with sand for Mortar and Stucco/Plaster coats. Add clean water and mix to make Limewash. The high pH of the Lime prevents mold, mildew, and biological growth while the hemp is drying. It is fire and insect resistant. 100 % Natural – Contains no cements, NHL’s, polymers, latex, plant based binders, etc.  

  • Polypropylene Fibers ready to add to your plaster mix!Lime Plaster Basecoat with Polypropylene Fibers
  • Horse Hair

    Horse Hair

    has historically been added to Lime Plaster Basecoat that is being installed over wood lathe. 


  • SALE!
    Monolys - Plaster Finish Coat just add water!Monolys - Plaster Finish Coat over cinder block in a basement

    Monolys – Plaster Finish Coat

    Monolys – Plaster Finish Coat comes dry and premixed. Simply add water! Order Today! 

  • Natural Hydraulic Lime 2.0 the answer for historic mortar needs!NHL 2.0

    Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) 2.0

    is typically used for interior/exterior plastering, stucco, and re-pointing older soft bricks.  We recommend using this grade of NHL for a softer mortar project, including soft brickwork, sandstone, and more.

  • NEW!
    Plaster Scarifier

    Plaster Scarifier

    if you have a lot of plaster work, this tool is a must!

  • Foam Float

    Foam Float

    Wet and use this lightweight sponge float to finish topcoat plasters.

  • Red Rubber FloatUnderside of Red Rubber Float

    Red Rubber Float

    Use to finish Lime Putty Plaster Finish Coats. Keep the float wet during the finishing and compress and smooth the topcoat.

  • Coarse Marble DustCoarse Marble Dust

    Coarse Marble Dust

    Design your own specialty plaster! Add to NHL’s,Lime Putty or use as an ingredient in specialty mortars and plasters. Brilliant White!

  • Marble Dust

    Fine Marble Dust

    Design your own specialty plaster! Add to NHL’s, Lime Putty or use as an ingredient in specialty mortars and plasters. Brilliant White! 

  • Ultra Fine Marble Dust

    Ultra Fine Marble Dust

    very fine flour like consistency. 325 mesh. Brilliant White 

  • Powdered Limestone

    Powdered Limestone

    for custom plasters. Add to mortar to increase work-ability. This limestone powder is extremely fine: sieve size is 325.

  • Primer Plus

    Primer Plus

    Prepares non-porous backgrounds before application of a lime mix, both interior and exterior