Lime Putty Plaster / Stucco Basecoat


is an easy to use, premixed plaster with no need to source extra materials!  Plasters are less susceptible to molds, mildews and algae. Keeps interiors fresh!


Lancaster Lime Works Lime Putty Plaster/Stucco Basecoat is a non-hydraulic plaster, pre-mixed with lime, sand and water. Our high-calcium (98%+), High PH (12+), carbonating, high surface area, low magnesium, (slaked) lime putty (calcium hydroxide) in combination with properly graded, quarried (not manufactured) sand, creates a highly durable plaster. 

Designed to replace historic lime-sand plaster. With high plasticity and superior work ability, it forms a strong bond with masonry units, wood lath and ensures excellent tensile and compressive strength.

Store in the bucket with the water on top and the plaster will keep indefinitely. 

Our lime Putty Plaster/Stucco Basecoat require exposure to carbon dioxide in the presence of moisture to harden.

Preparation of the plaster, the substrate, and after care, are just as important as correct installation techniques. For traditional installation over wood lathe, add horse hair.

Our lime putty plasters help control the humidity of the internal environment and resists mold and mildew

Simply “knock up” prior to use (rigorously mix) with our beater attachment.  Please review our installation instructions. Contact us if you need advice.

Interior Use: Apply a finish coat of Lime Putty Plaster Finish Coat, Monolys, or Tadelakt .

Exterior Use: We recommend installing three coats of our Limewash over the cured lime putty stucco.

Pallets are available. A pallet consists of 24 buckets: pallet weight excluding the pallet 1,920 pounds. 

If you have 1-2 weeks before you need your order, we can put the freight order out to bid. This option can offer significant freight savings.  Allow 1 week for transit time. Please call to discuss. 

Lime Putty Plaster Installation Guide

Tech Sheet

Safety Data Sheet 

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Weight 86 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 in


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