Monolys – Plaster Finish Coat


Plaster Finish Coat comes dry and premixed. Just add water!


Monolys – Plaster Finish Coat Interior one coat finish Plaster


  • The first setting allows for installation over a larger area which minimizes the danger of cracking
  • A second setting occurs with exposure to the air as the lime absorbs CO2 and allows time to achieve a smooth finish
  • The high level of free lime promotes vapor exchange and regulation of humidity in the walls
  • A very good work-ability that allows the use of lots of tools to obtain a wide range of finishes: plastered, troweled, smooth, floated, scraped, etc.
  • is white, color with lime paint or pigments.
  • Finish to a smooth or sandy finish depending on preference

This product comes in dry, premixed, 55 pound bags or sample 1 Gal. Pails.  We always recommend doing a mock-up.  Simply add water and mix up!  Coverage is approx 55 sq.² per bag at 1/8″ in thickness.

Monolys – Plaster Finish Coat is ideal for installation over NHL and Lime Putty Basecoat Plaster.

To install over existing plasters, drywall, and paint: Use the correct primer 


Primer Plus should be used before application over closed cell substrates such as smooth lime plaster or blue foam.

Tech data sheet

Installation over gypsum

Installation over Hemp Plaster


Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 6 in

55 Pound Bag, 1 Gallon


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