Dry Lime Blebs

Dry Lime Blebs


are natural inclusions in historic mortar. Add Dry Lime Blebs to Lime Putty Mortarto match existing mortar inclusions. 

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Our Dry Lime Blebs are added inclusions to match historic mortars. Look at your old mortar, if you see “cottage cheese” like pieces, that’s a lime bleb! Our machines today “knock-up” mortar so this no longer occurs.  These are a nice additive to match your historic mortar. 

Add Dry Lime Blebs to Lime Putty Mortar right before using the mortar.  Do not over mix when adding them to a mechanical mixer as the abrasive action of the sand will break up the lime blebs.

We recommend folding the lime blebs into the lime mortar using a masonry trowel.


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