Sand and Aggregates

Customize your mortar using our sand and aggregates.

At Lancaster Lime Works, we have a saying; Sand is not sand, is not sand, is not sand!

The correct sand for lime putty and NHL mortars is critical to avoid failures. We offer a wide variety of sand and aggregates for lime mortars because if you use the wrong type, failure will occur. Lime Mortars get much of their strength from the sand. We offer sharp sand for NHL and lime putty mortars that have the correct bell curve and particle sizes. We have fine sands for lime plaster and butter joint mortars. Contact us today with any questions on our aggregates!

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  • Lancaster Sand
  • Sand for NHL - 50 PoundsSand for NHL - 50 Pounds

    Sand for NHL – 50 Pounds

    this whitish sand when mixed with  NHL 2.0, NHL 3.5, and NHL 5.0 will make a white gray mortar.

  • Super Sak of Specially Sieved Sand for Lime Putty MortarSuper Sack of Sand for Lime Putty
  • Super sack of NHL Sand
  • Coarse Black Slag to add to lime mortar

    Coarse Black Slag

    add to Lime Putty Mortar, NHL, and Plasters to match or create a new unique product or finish! 

  • Pozzolan for use in Lime Putty Mortar


    is a natural clay that when mixed with Lime Putty Mortar makes it hydraulic. Add pozzolan to mortar in areas of high exposure ie: chimneys and below grade applications.

  • Powdered Limestone

    Powdered Limestone

    for custom plasters. Add to mortar to increase work-ability. This limestone powder is extremely fine: sieve size is 325.

  • Dry Lime Blebs