Natural Hydraulic Lime

Hydraulic in “Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL)” means that it sets up underwater instead of carbonating like non-hydraulic lime putty mortars

In the world of NHL’s 3 different strengths are common:

  1. NHL 2.0- use for interior plasters/exterior stuccoes, old soft bricks and softer stone IE: sandstone etc.
  2. NHL 3.5 – use for harder bricks and harder stone IE: limestone, granite, etc.
  3. NHL 5.0 – use for Limecrete (floors), extremely wet areas such as underwater applications, sea walls, bridge abutments

Installation and curing are easy to learn by masons due to their similarity to modern Portland products. Mix natural hydraulic lime with easy to find mason’s sand.

MIX RATIO:  NHL’S FOR POINTING AND BEDDING ARE MIXED AT A RATIO OF 2 1/2 PARTS MASON’S SAND TO 1 PART NHL (by volume, not weight) This equals approximately 3 1/2, 5o pound bags of Sand for NHL per 1 55 pound bag of NHL. 

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