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  • SALE!
    Monolys - Plaster Finish Coat just add water!Monolys - Plaster Finish Coat over cinder block in a basement

    Monolys – Plaster Finish Coat

    Plaster Finish Coat comes dry and premixed. Just add water!

  • H-1 BinderH-1 Binder to make a hemp block

    H-1 Binder

    100 % Natural – Contains no cements, NHL’s, polymers, latex, plant based binders, etc.  

  • Natural Hydraulic Lime 2.0 the answer for historic mortar needs!NHL 2.0

    Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) 2.0

    is typically used for interior/exterior plastering, stucco, and re-pointing older soft bricks.  We recommend using this grade of NHL for a softer mortar project, including soft brickwork, sandstone, and more.

  • Horse Hair

    Horse Hair

    has historically been added to Lime Plaster Basecoat that is being installed over wood lathe. 


  • Coarse Marble DustCoarse Marble Dust

    Coarse Marble Dust

    Design your own specialty plaster! Add to NHL’s,Lime Putty or use as an ingredient in specialty mortars and plasters. Brilliant White!

  • Powdered Limestone

    Powdered Limestone

    for custom plasters. Add to mortar to increase work-ability. 

  • Golden Steel Pool Trowels

    Golden Stainless Steel Pool Trowel

    is made from the industry’s highest quality rust free, golden stainless steel!

  • Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) 3.5 is ready for your historic masonry project!NHL 3.5 powder

    Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) 3.5

    on backorder – can be preordered – expected in the beginning of March is typically used with old harder bricks and stone.  This stronger mortar still has all the properties of natural lime products. Its flexibility is perfect due to its softer properties than the building it is being adhered to.

  • Primer Plus

    Primer Plus

    Prepares non-porous backgrounds before application of a lime mix, both interior and exterior

  • Broken Bags of NHL

    Broken Bags of NHL

    this NHL was damaged in transport. Most bags are nearly full, but we can’t ship them. Please bring a container or contractor bags for transport. Limited Supply!