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Sprayers and Filters

Having clean water with no acidic chlorine is very important when working with historic lime mortars and plasters. We have found that carbon filters are effective at removing chlorine. We also carry sprayers for moisture control. 

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  • 55 oz Hand Held Sprayer

    Hand Held Sprayer

    has a fully adjustable brass tip nozzle and a 55 ounce durable plastic tank. Easy pump to pressurize the tank.

  • Spraymaster Spray Bottle

    Spraymaster Spray Bottle

    a handy 32 oz spray bottle with a high output, adjustable spray pattern and a 5 year guarantee for your lime mortar misting project!

  • Single Water Filter Assembly

    Charcoal Water Filter Assembly

    removes chlorine from city water. Use the single unit for small jobs and the double unit for larger jobs.