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Slickers and Jointers

Use a Slicker to install lime mortar the old fashioned way. A Slicker ensures that the mortar is thoroughly compressed into the joint. It is critical that lime mortar be installed with as much compression as possible. 

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  • Large Extended Cuff Gloves

    Medium Extended Cuff Gloves

    A tough disposable glove with an extended cuff that will protect your skin from lime burns. Textured fingers to help you grip your tools. 

  • Bon Tool Lid Claw

    Lid Claw

    This strong sturdy Lid Claw removes bucket lids quickly and easily!

  • Double Size Slicker 3/8

    Double Size Slicker 3/8″ x 1/2″

    is the general size slicker you need for most brick joint re-pointing. Each end makes a different size joint, which is very helpful when re-pointing uneven joints. Use the rounded arm for lime mortar joint compression! 

  • 1/41/4

    Double Size Slicker 1/4″x 3/8″

    is the general size slicker you need for most brick joint re-pointing. 

  • Convex Brick Jointer 1/2Convex Brick Jointer 1/2

    Convex Brick Jointer 1/2″ x 3/8″

    creates a perfect half round joint.

  • 3 Plexiglass Jointers

    Plexiglass Round Jointers

    Plexiglass is easy to clean, and leaves no “burn marks” on white mortar. 

  • Wood Line Block

    Wood Line Block

    Use to set an honest line.

  • Mason's Line

    Mason’s Line

    Use Mason’s Line to primarily lay brick, and stone. 

  • Beater Attachment

    Perfect Beater Attachment for thoroughly mixing lime products. Attach to your heavy duty angle drill and mix right in the bucket!