Mortar Trowels

A basic selection of brick and mortar trowels to get your job done! Can be used for brick or stone. We recommend thoroughly cleaning all trowels after each use. 

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  • Bucket Trowel

    Bucket Trowel

    Designed to clean the sides and bottom of a bucket in one easy motion! 

  • 1010

    10″ London Brick Trowel

    a very nice sturdy trowel for laying brick. Made of carbon steel.

  • 55

    Margin Trowel

    is a small handy trowel for finish work. Made with a hardwood handle and alloy steel trowel. 

  • Bon Tool Lid Claw

    Lid Claw

    This strong sturdy Lid Claw removes bucket lids quickly and easily! Save your fingers from prying open bucket tops! 

  • Wood Line Block

    Wood Line Block

    Use our Wood Line Blocks (2 blocks per package), with Mason’s Line to have the perfect guideline for every job! Use to set an honest line.

  • Trowel and Square

    Trowel and Square 1″

    Use this Trowel and Square tool for specialty joints and for installing brick repair mortar. Made in Italy!

  • Beater Attachment

    Perfect Beater Attachment for thoroughly mixing lime products. Attach to your heavy duty angle drill and mix right in the bucket!