Masonry Tools

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  • Diamond Grinder Blade

    Diamond Grinder Blade

    Use this Diamond Grinder Blade on your right angle drill to prepare the joints for new mortar. 

  • Carbide Stone HammerCarbide Hammer Head

    Carbide Stone Hammer

    The concave carbide chisel face and chisel end make this hammer a must for reshaping stones. Resharpen with a silicon carbide wheel.

  • Estwing Brick Hammers24 oz Estwing Hammer

    Estwing Brick Hammer

    This Estwing Brick Hammer has a square head and a chisel side for delicate hammering, scoring brick or rock, and scraping mortar off the faces of masonry. Made in the USA! 

  • Bon Tool Lid Claw

    Lid Claw

    This strong sturdy Lid Claw removes bucket lids quickly and easily!

  • Awl


    use for removing mortar in tough to reach places.

  • Wood Line Block

    Wood Line Block

    Use to set an honest line.

  • 6 in 1 Tool

    6 in 1 Tool

     is perfect for scraping old paint off of bricks, removing loose mortar between brick joints and for just about everything else!

  • Mason's Line

    Mason’s Line

    Use Mason’s Line to primarily lay brick, and stone. 

  • Plugging Chisel

    Plugging Chisel

    Use this high quality Plugging Chisel to carefully remove mortar from the head joints of bricks.  

  • Beater Attachment

    Attach to your heavy duty angle drill and mix right in the bucket!