Hemp & Hemp Binder

Use Lancaster Lime Works H-1 Hemp Binder for:

  • Hempcrete
  • Stucco
  • Plaster
  • Limewash
  • Mortar

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  • H-1 BinderH-1 Binder to make a hemp block

    H-1 Binder

    Mix H-1 Binder with Hemp Hurd to make Hemp Blocks and Hemp Shuttering. Use the H-1 Binder with sand for Mortar and Stucco/Plaster coats. Add clean water and mix to make Limewash. The high pH of the Lime prevents mold, mildew, and biological growth while the hemp is drying. It is fire and insect resistant. 100 % Natural – Contains no cements, NHL’s, polymers, latex, plant based binders, etc.  

  • Coarse Hemp ShivHemp hurd

    Coarse Hemp Shiv

    perfect for hempcrete and insulating plaster. Uses: Base Coat Plaster, Hempcrete, Etc.