Mortar Removal Tools

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  • Diamond Grinder Blade

    Diamond Grinder Blade

    Use this Diamond Grinder Blade on your right angle drill to prepare the joints for new mortar. Center cut the joints and hand remove the remaining mortar for best results. 

  • Carbide Stone HammerCarbide Hammer Head

    Carbide Stone Hammer

    The concave carbide chisel face and chisel end make this hammer a must for reshaping stones for every stone mason! Re-sharpen ends with a silicon carbide wheel to keep your hammer in top performance.

  • Estwing Brick Hammers24 oz Estwing Hammer

    Estwing Brick Hammer

    This Estwing Brick Hammer has a square head and a chisel side for delicate hammering, scoring brick or rock, and scraping mortar off the faces of masonry. Made in the USA! 

  • Bon Tool Lid Claw

    Lid Claw

    This strong sturdy Lid Claw removes bucket lids quickly and easily! Save your fingers from prying open bucket tops! 

  • Awl


    We recommend using this scratch Awl for removing mortar in tough to reach places. Great for removing the head joints in brick.

  • Wood Line Block

    Wood Line Block

    Use our Wood Line Blocks (2 blocks per package), with Mason’s Line to have the perfect guideline for every job! Use to set an honest line.

  • 6 in 1 Tool

    6 in 1 Tool

     is perfect for scraping old paint off of bricks, removing loose mortar between brick joints and for just about everything else you can think of! Made in Taiwan. 

  • Mason's Line

    Mason’s Line

    Use Mason’s Line to primarily lay brick, and stone. When using a Mason’s Line correctly, you’ll have a straight line for laying and you won’t need your leveling tools as often. This speeds up the job!

  • Plugging Chisel

    Plugging Chisel

    Use this high quality Plugging Chisel to carefully remove mortar from the head joints of bricks.  3/16″ x 10″

  • Beater Attachment

    Perfect Beater Attachment for thoroughly mixing lime products. Attach to your heavy duty angle drill and mix right in the bucket!