plaster pigment

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  • White Titanium Dioxide Pigment

    White Titanium Dioxide Pigment

    a popular and traditional white

  • William Penn Evergreen Pigment is ready to mix into your plaster top coat to create permanent color.

    William Penn Evergreen Pigment

    a dark nearly black green.

  • Demuth Moss Green Pigment will add a calming effect to any project

    Demuth Moss Green Pigment

    a tranquil moss green. 

  • Lancaster Blue pigment is ready to add vibrancy to your project!

    Lancaster Blue Pigment

    a vibrant cobalt blue!

  • Fulton Black Pigment is a deep rich color. Perfect to make all shades of gray too!

    Fulton Black Pigment

    a black matte, like a shadow!

  • A rich chocolate brown Bausman Whiskey Pigment will beautify your space!

    Bausman Whiskey Pigment

    is a rich, dark chocolate brown pigment.

  • Reynolds Mustard Pigment

    a golden yellow

  • Cocalico Citrine Pigment is a powder that it easy to mix into your lime product!

    Cocalico Citrine Pigment

    an interesting brownish yellow. 

  • Conestoga Brown Pigment is a rich coffee colored pigment, perfect for our specialty plasters!

    Conestoga Brown Pigment

    is a coffee brown. 

  • Buchanan Titian Pigment ready to add to plasters and Tadelakt!

    Buchanan Titian Pigment

    a unique rust/brick colored pigment

  • Susquehanna Brick Red Pigment

    Susquehanna Brick Red Pigment

    a beautiful brick red.

  • Pequea Scarlet Pigment is perfect to add to Tadelakt and Plaster!

    Pequea Scarlet Pigment

    is a stunning deep red!

  • Boxed set of 8 Pigments

    8 oz containers of 8 of our pigments for you to experiment with at a discount! Order Today!