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Historic lime mortar

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  • Natural Hydraulic Lime 2.0 the answer for historic mortar needs!NHL 2.0

    Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) 2.0

    is typically used for interior/exterior plastering, stucco, and re-pointing older soft bricks.  We recommend using this grade of NHL for a softer mortar project, including soft brickwork, sandstone, and more.

  • Washburn Brown Lime Mortar MixWashburn Brown Lime Mortar

    Washburn Brown Lime Mortar Mix

    is premixed with sand, pigments and black slag to compliment your brick or stone building!

  • Broken Bags of NHL

    Broken Bags of NHL

    this NHL was damaged in transport. Most bags are nearly full, but we can’t ship them. Please bring a container or contractor bags for transport. Limited Supply!