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  • Tadelakt is fun and easy to use!Tadelakt is water resistant, perfect for showers and kitchens!


    is a timeless decorative plaster, ideal for wet environments that is both water and mold resistant. 

  • Lime Plaster Finish TopcoatLime Plaster Finish Topcoat

    Lime Putty Plaster Finish Coat

    can be kept it’s natural color or it can be pigmented. No need to source other materials, this comes premixed! 

    Order Today! 

  • Use this Black Soap to seal and clean your Tadelakt!Just a few Tablespoons of Black Soap goes a long way in cleaning and sealing Tadelakt

    Black Soap

    is a protection for Tadelaktsand has a variety of other uses!

  • Lime Plaster Basecoat with Polypropylene Fibers

    Lime Putty Plaster / Stucco Basecoat

    is an easy to use, premixed plaster with no need to source extra materials!  Plasters are less susceptible to molds, mildews and algae. Keeps interiors fresh!

  • SALE!
    Monolys - Plaster Finish Coat just add water!Monolys - Plaster Finish Coat over cinder block in a basement

    Monolys – Plaster Finish Coat

    Monolys – Plaster Finish Coat comes dry and premixed. Simply add water! Order Today! 

  • Natural Hydraulic Lime 2.0 the answer for historic mortar needs!NHL 2.0

    Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) 2.0

    is typically used for interior/exterior plastering, stucco, and re-pointing older soft bricks.  We recommend using this grade of NHL for a softer mortar project, including soft brickwork, sandstone, and more.

  • Fine Sand Butter Joint Lime Putty Mortar is a must for these thin joints!Fine Sand Lime Mortar repointing a butter joint with a syringe kit

    Fine Sand Lime Mortar

    Use for: Small and narrow joints in brick. A very fine sand, premixed mortar for use in small butter joints. 

  • Lime putty is the base of many products.

    Lime Putty

    Lancaster Lime Works Lime Putty must be mixed with the correct aggregate. This product contains no sand or aggregate. 

  • Marble Dust

    Fine Marble Dust

    Design your own specialty plaster! Add to NHL’s, Lime Putty or use as an ingredient in specialty mortars and plasters. Brilliant White! 

  • Sand for NHL - 50 PoundsSand for NHL - 50 Pounds

    Sand for NHL – 50 Pounds

    this whitish sand when mixed with  NHL 2.0, NHL 3.5, and NHL 5.0 will make a white gray mortar.

  • Coarse Black Slag to add to lime mortar

    Coarse Black Slag

    add to Lime Putty Mortar, NHL, and Plasters to match or create a new unique product or finish! 

  • Powdered Limestone

    Powdered Limestone

    for custom plasters. Add to mortar to increase work-ability. This limestone powder is extremely fine: sieve size is 325.

  • 1/41/4

    Double Size Slicker 1/4″x 3/8″

    is the general size slicker you need for most brick joint re-pointing. Each end makes a different size joint, which is very helpful when re-pointing uneven joints.

  • 3 Plexiglass Jointers

    Plexiglass Round Jointers

    these jointers are nice to have in your masonry tool box. Available in three sizes.  Plexiglass is easy to clean, and leaves no “burn marks” on white mortar. Made in the USA! 

  • Plugging Chisel

    Plugging Chisel

    Use this high quality Plugging Chisel to carefully remove mortar from the head joints of bricks.  3/16″ x 10″

  • Trowel and Square

    Trowel and Square 1″

    Use this Trowel and Square tool for specialty joints and for installing brick repair mortar. Made in Italy!

  • Antique White Limewash dries a beautiful matte!The WInder Building looks good in Lancaster Lime Works Antique White LImewash!

    Antique White Limewash

    is a perfect blend of high calcium lime and pigments that’s easy to use. 

    Apply over lime stucco, plaster, stone, and brick. 

  • Barn Red Limewash is perfect for your exterior barn or shed!Barn Red Limewash has a beautiful historic matte finish!

    Barn Red Limewash

    is a perfect blend of  high calcium lime and pigments that’s easy to use.

    Apply over lime stucco, plaster, stone and brick.

  • William Penn Evergreen Pigment is ready to mix into your plaster top coat to create permanent color.
  • Demuth Moss Green Pigment will add a calming effect to any project